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Our clients are our partners.  We strive to make the task of managing debt and the client-agency relationship easier for business offices, account managers and controllers by saving them time with the overall collections process, providing detailed reporting, managing complaints, simplifying/automating the assignment process, and providing seamless agency-client communication.

Net Return can be represented in several different forms.  Sure, recovery levels are our primary focus.  However, successful client-agency relationship management often blends many factors, like responsiveness to client reporting and communication needs, consumer satisfaction with the collection process, and the provision of industry specific consulting for our clients and their employees.

You can be assured that your claims will be pursued as diligently as if they were our own, with professionalism, compliance, and concern for consumer circumstances.  We do this by training all of our agents to utilize our proprietary "counsel while you collect"  approach, which has been developed and refined over more than 20 years of leadership in the collections market.  By providing understanding, and a flexible opportunity for consumers to pay, we aim to remove, rather than create, obstacles that forestall payment.  Honesty, and integrity in dealing with consumers, our clients, and each other, has propelled our agency to maintain our status as leaders in the industry.

This is a communication from a debt collector.  Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

Since 1992, Kenneth, Eisen & Associates, Ltd. (KEA) has been an innovative and trusted partner in the consumer & commercial collection markets, maximizing revenue for our clients at various stages of the collection cycle by reducing losses attributed to bad debt.  We have established programs and procedures designed to increase collection recovery for our clients while maintaining levels of consumer satisfaction that exceeds industry averages.

With campaigns designed to utilize the latest in collections call center technology, KEA offers blended solutions which may include Predictive Dialing, Interactive Voice Response Systems, Broadcast Messaging, Automated Payment Services, Text and Email Contact Services, and Comprehensive Call Recording.  Blended with our exclusive "Counseling Approach," it is our goal to fulfill the niche in the market for a more comprehensive, reliable and responsive revenue recovery service that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each and every client.